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Speaker: So now I’d also like to take a moment and talk with you a little bit about the program details. So as we said, this is a very unique program that we get the opportunity to offer this to you online. And it’s offered in one of two formats. The other is an LL.M. or an MA. And the reason we have this program is we realized with the amount of resources and expertise we have in the area, we allow you as a student to have a really practical approach to the laws and regulations that are shaping and continuing to shape the health care industry in the US.
As you’re well aware, it’s a very heavily regulated and certainly a very ever changing fast growing area. So we have this available to you as a professional in the healthcare field, many of our students are actively in the healthcare field and have years of experience. If you’re new to it, we’re welcome to help you learn more. And the types of complex issues that we cover will range everything from the Affordable Care Act often known as Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid.
And we also deal with many current issues dealing from, ranging from disability, public health, biotechnology, drug development and we also take the approach [00:01:02] business aspect in healthcare, bioethics, representation of healthcare providers as well. So it’s a really unique program.