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About Hofstra University and Hofstra Law

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Speaker: Hofstra University really is a wonderful, beautiful campus. We are very uniquely located just outside of New York City, which really provide us a unique opportunity not only to take advantage of Manhattan for our students but Long Island. And although the course work that we offer to you in this program can be done online, you still have full access to our university, which you are always welcome to join the campus. You can take part in all the events. But certainly, all your course work can be done online.As far as the law school, we have over 10,000 alumni members, multiple administrators and a really phenomenal faculty that’s very distinguished in a variety of different areas, especially in the field of health law policy. And being of a part of this program, you have the opportunity to learn not just from the research faculty members that we have but also the really highly distinguished level of adjuncts we’re currently working in the field and dealing with these issues on a day-to-day practice level.

The law school itself is very unique in the fact that we do have a Gitenstein Institute for Health Law policy. This is one of our areas of expertise. The university itself also has a medical school, so we really have a really phenomenal amount of resources for you to learn from and make sure that you take part in everything we have to offer. The school itself is an ABA accredited school by the American Bar Association. And what that means is you get the chance to not just engage in the knowledge of learning health law policy but you’re learning it from lawyers in the field, which is really a unique opportunity.