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Health and law are intertwined. So are your opportunities.

In the past five years, thousands of new laws have reshaped the health care compliance landscape. Lawyers who understand the new language of health law are key players in representing hospitals, corporations and the millions of individuals encountering legal issues. If you’re planning to specialize your legal practice, no other area of law offers more opportunity.

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About the Master of Laws Program

Complete our online LL.M. degree program in just 9 courses and graduate in just 18 months. Our Master of Laws in Health Law and Policy is designed for experienced legal professionals. Learn how to deliver expert legal counsel to clients confronting complex compliance matters — from health care payment methods to the regulation of the Medicare and Medicaid systems to the ethics of biotechnology.

Learning Outcomes

Our online law degree program sets a precedent for what health law education is all about. Upon graduation, you should know how to:

  • Draw from your broad understanding of the critical issues that are shaping health care policy and practice.
  • Demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of policy and utilize law to navigate legislation, advocate, innovate and create change.
  • Communicate and skillfully articulate health care concepts in legal context.
  • Leverage your confidence as a critical thinker, writer and speaker in the health law realm.
  • Collaborate with health care professionals and gain respect as someone who understands how the two diverse fields of health and law are interconnected.

Why Earn Your Master of Laws in Health Care?

In today’s health care industry, a lawyer’s role is critical. Remaining in compliance and implementing policy has never been easy for organizations and practitioners. Given the current challenges, and the trillions of dollars invested in this industry, now is the ti me to specialize your practice in health law.

Expansive Client List

Earning your Master of Laws in Health Law and Policy offers extensive opportunities to work with a diversity of clients. As a lawyer who specializes in health law, you could take on the role of in-house counsel. You could also be an external consultant who provides advice to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance organizations, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, residential living facilities and home care agencies, as well as representing physicians and patients.

Diverse Practice Areas

Diverse Practice Areas

Since the health care system is such a complicated network, a day in the life of a lawyer who specializes in health law could focus on a number of different legal practice areas:

    • Medical Malpractice
    • Tax and Nonprofit
    • Securities
    • Reimbursement
    • Quality of Care
    • Litigation
    • General Corporate
    • Real Estate
    • Elder Law
    • Privacy
    • Research
    • Clinical Trials
    • Liability
    • Finance
    • Antitrust
    • Fraud and Abuse
    • Health Information Technology
    • Health Insurance and Regulation
    • Medical Records
    • Employment & Labor Law
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Corporate Compliance

Why Choose Hofstra Law?

Why Choose Hofstra Law?

We pioneered fully integrating clinical education into a traditional law school curriculum. Now, we’re building on our tradition of innovation by bringing our program online. Our online LL.M. degree is designed with flexibility for practicing attorneys without compromising the intellectually rigorous experience.

Access coursework from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Take a closer look at what the online learning experience is like with us:

  • Learn at your convenience: Coursework is 100% online. You will never be required to come to campus, though we would love to see you at graduation.
  • Collaborate with peers: We designed our program to be reflective of health law practice. That means you will collaborate with professionals from both health and law.
  • Start on your schedule: We offer three start dates throughout the year, so you can enroll in the program when the time is right for you.
  • Enjoy 24/7 support: Whether you need technical help or reminders about important deadlines, we offer support from admissions through graduation.
  • Simplified admissions: We do not require GMAT/GRE scores for our health law programs.

Is an Online Law Degree Program Right for You?

Returning to law school may seem intimidating. As you consider earning your Master of Laws, take a step back and look at how the best attorneys you know have adapted their careers. You will most likely find that the key to their successful law career is that they decided to focus their practice. Specializing in health law can provide a new pathway to professional success.

Four Reasons to Go Back to Law School:

  • 1. Career Specialization Develop an expertise that builds business in the area of health law.
  • 2. Career Advancement Qualify for promotion and  leadership positions when you set yourself apart.
  • 3. Financial Opportunity: Prepare for a salary increase when you earn an advanced law credential.
  • 4. Job Security: Maintain your relevance in today’s rapidly changing global workplace.

What Is Fueling the Demand for Health Lawyers?

    • Today’s multitrillion-dollar health care industry serves more people than ever before; matters of patient privacy and quality of care are top legal concerns.
    • The health care industry has gained more than 1 million new jobs since 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, contributing to labor and employment law issues.
    • More than 100 million people in the United States are covered by government-run Medicare and Medicaid services.
    • The aging population demands long-term care services which have special regulations.
    • Hospitals are run like complex business organizations which have to abide by corporate, tax, employment, privacy, liability and many other areas of law.
    • The regulations that govern health insurance are more complicated and scrutinized than ever.
    • The ongoing advances in drug development and medical technology create demand for health law experts who are knowledgeable in research, clinical trials, intellectual property, privacy and other areas.

Faculty & Curriculum

Hofstra Law is known for top scholars and educators. We designed our Master of Arts in Health Law and Policy coursework to help you communicate from an authoritative view. It’s called thought leadership. Every program has instructors. Ours has innovators. Many of the faculty members who participate in the program are actively involved in projects and developing programs at the Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy. The institute’s projects include outreach efforts, advocacy, policy examination and programs that are helping to reshape the health care world today.

Course Title Credit Hours
LAW2993 Introduction to the American
Legal System*
LAW3844 Health Law* 3
LAW2909 Medicare and Medicaid Law 2
LAW3734 Bioethics and the Law 3
LAW2832 Law of Medical Product Discovery,
Development and Commercialization
LAW3500 Business Transactions in Health Care 3
LAW2855 Public Health Law, Policy and Ethics 2
LAW2511 The ADA: Statutory Interpretation 3
LAW2941 Representing Healthcare Providers 2
LAW3502 Healthcare Compliance 3
LAW3503 Capstone 5

*These courses are required for the M.A. program only.
**Curriculum is subject to change.

  • Complete coursework 100% online
  • No residency requirements
  • Choose from 3 start dates throughout the year
  • Collaborate with legal and health care professionals